Thanks to the techs at Hotrails Sandcars.
Everyone that I was camping with kept commenting
on my ear to ear grin that just would not go away! I have
had the car out twice and the only thing I have had to do
is change the oil and put extra nitrogen in the shocks.
This car does it all, handling, power, quick turns, reliability,
tied together in one inexpensive package.    I AM HAPPY!!!
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WOW!!! What a screamer!!!
Our Hotrails Scorcher is the most fun we've ever had. We look forward to every ride we can get.  Get so many compliments on car and it"s paint job.  Just love it so.  Thanks so much Dave & gang!!!!!!!!! )
                                                   Dave & Mary Millican
This is one of my best toys ever!
Every one who rides with me is in awe. It floats through the dunes at incredible speeds under total control.  Power slides, compression drifts are effortless, and picking up the front end on a lift rise is exceptional fun. I run with some guys who have duned for 30 plus years and drive very hot cars. They are envious of this cars performance, and avoid drag racing me up the hills.  Comfort, speed, control, fun what more could a desert rat want?                                                                                                                 Jimy Sherrell
What can I say, this car is awesome.
It can tear up any dunes at lightning speeds, and does it in style and comfort. These cars with the awesome turbo charged Honda 3.5, have about 475 H.P. and reach speeds of over 120 MPH!!!!!. My dads car has the Honda and it will just obliterate ANY car that challenges us (plus those cars cost over $100,000). We liked the car so much we bought another one for me, and I'm only 13.  Chris Mungary                                                                                                Chris Mungary
This car is so much fun to drive, 
Handles and drives better than I had ever hoped for. 
Thanks to everyone at Hotrails.              

                                                              Thanks Bruno
I ran into a guy in a $100,000 performance sandcar and he could not keep up with me in the dunes.  I could get him in 2 Hotrails for that price and the cars would actually run.  After 7 days at St. Anthony dunes, the guy agreed with me. 
                                                                                             Jeff Garbarino
The ultimate in performance!
Whether through the dunes, racing the hill or at the sand drags the Hotrails Sandcar is ultimate in performance! When you see one run, you'll understand.
                                                                                    Dustin and Cathie